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Evaluations and Drafts are schedules for May 5th & 6th at Cooper City High.  More information to follow. 

Saturday, May 5th 


Time       Division (Ages)              Location


12:00pm Girls SR/Gold (12-16)    Main Gym


12:30pm Girls Instructional (6-7) Mini Gym


1:00pm   Girls Silver (10-11)         Main Gym


1:45pm   Bronze (8-9)                    Mini Gym


2:00pm   Boys Sr (16-18)              Main Gym


3:00pm   Boys Junior (14-15)        Main Gym


Sunday, May 6th


Time      Division (ages) Location


12:00pm Boys Instructional (6-7)  Mini Gym


12:30pm Boys Freshman (10-11)  Main Gym


1:15pm   Developmental (4-5)       Mini Gym


2:15pm   Sophomore (12-13)         Main Gym


2:30pm   Starter (8-9)                     Mini Gym