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Welcome to
CCO Basketball 2017!


The Season Has Begun!!!!!!!
Jamboree on Saturday, June 10th at Cooper City High School.  Pictures will follow the short scrimmage game.  Please contact your coach if you have any questions.  
Cooper City Optimist Jamboree and Picture Schedule
Main Gym   Mini Gym
Time Division Home Team Coach vs Away Team Coach   Time Division Home Team Coach vs Away Coach Coach
9:00 Sophomore 1-USF Allen vs 2-Miami Marrero   9:00 Bronze 3-Cincinnati Giancarlo vs 4-Louisville Macias
9:15 Sophomore 3-Cincinnati Bryant vs 4-Louisville Lopez   9:15 Bronze 1-USF Edge vs 2-Miami Hill
9:30 Sophomore 5-FSU Yurgealitis vs 6-Georgetown Hibbard   9:30 Boys Instructional 1-USF Dewey vs 2-Miami Sasso
9:45 Sophomore 9-Connecticut Foster vs 10-Wisconsin Brown   9:45 Boys Instructional 3-Cincinnati Prat vs 4-Louisville Pantoja
10:00 Sophomore 11-Duke Cadegan vs 12-Kentucky Ducharme   10:00 Boys Instructional 5-FSU Hill vs 6-Georgetown Pallagi
10:15 Sophomore 7-Michigan State Sasso vs 8-Texas A&M Sloane   10:15 Boys Instructional 7-Michigan State Harvey vs 8-Texas A&M Dellegrazie
10:30 Gold/Sr. Girls 1-USF Tabora vs 2-Miami Thomas   10:30 Boys Instructional 9-Connecticut O'Connor vs 10-Wisconsin Ambrose
10:45 Gold/Sr. Girls 3-Cincinnati Diaz vs 4-Louisville Johnson   10:45 Girls Instructional 1-USF Khadaran vs 2-Miami Lucena
11:00 Junior 1-USF Monge vs 6-Georgetown Giancarlo   11:00 Girls Instructional 3-Cincinnati Garcia vs 4-Louisville Nightingale
11:15 Junior 3-Cincinnati Gonzales vs 4-Louisville Njaravelil   11:15 Developmental 5-FSU Guerra vs 2-Miami Bosse
11:30 Junior 5-FSU Lovisek vs 2-Miami Moreno   11:30 Developmental 3-Cincinnati Allen vs 6-Georgetown Osborn
11:45 Junior 7-Michigan State Mouradian vs 8-Texas A&M Isahack   11:45 Developmental 1-USF Khadaran vs 4-Louisville Giancarlo
12:00 Senior Boys 1-USF Stansell vs 2-Miami Berger   12:00 Starter 1-USF Woolfson vs 2-Miami Monaco
12:15 Senior Boys 3-Cincinnati Cardona vs 6-Georgetown Mulinari   12:15 Starter 3-Cincinnati Sasso vs 4-Louisville Major
12:30 Senior Boys 5-FSU Buroz vs 4-Louisville Bosse   12:30 Starter 5-FSU Allen vs 6-Georgetown Garcia
12:45 Freshman 16-Indiana Madera vs 8-Texas A&M Thomas   12:45 Starter 7-Michigan State Herman vs 8-Texas A&M Zaslow
1:00 Freshman 3-Cincinnati Ducharme vs 4-Louisville Dillon   1:00 Starter 9-Connecticut Coffin vs 10-Wisconsin Massey
1:15 Freshman 5-FSU Gamble vs 6-Georgetown Shir   1:15 Starter 11-Duke Bridges vs 12-Kentucky Bonfiglio
1:30 Freshman 1-USF Cochran vs 2-Miami Labon   1:30 Starter 13-Penn State Daly vs 14-Butler Avila
1:45 Freshman 9-Connecticut Taft vs 10-Wisconsin Alicot   1:45 Silver 1-USF Gonzalez vs 2-Miami Lopez
2:00 Freshman 13-Penn State Glasford vs 12-Kentucky Rosario   2:00 Silver 3-Cincinnati Martz vs 4-Louisville Reese
2:15 Freshman 11-Duke Giancarlo vs 14-Butler Herrera   2:15 Freshman 7-Michigan State Blue vs 15-Virginia Tech Guerra
2:30               2:30            
All Teams will play their games first then proceed to the designated location for pictures.  Coaches, please tell your parents to arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled start time.  The game will consist of two five (5) minute halves.  Fouls will be called, but there will be no free throws.
Please also look at the following link for pictures: 

See you on the court.


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